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    Car reved without acceleration?!

    Hi Cant seem to post this in technical. The other day I stopped at the lights had my foot lightly on the accelerator but the car was reving?!. So went into neutral took my foot off the accelerator and it still reved a bit, so turned the engine off and on again and it was fine after...
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    E250 CDi Sport Manual - Help Wanted!

    I have the displeasure of owning the above car which has caused me nothing but grief since I bought it. Anyway, the latest problem is that while cruising the rev counter fluctuates (maybe by about 50 revs). As this does not appear as a fault on the computer my dealer says that this is normal for...
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    w203 220 CDI hunting revs at various speeds

    Hi, I have a C Class W203 220CDI which has a habit of the revs hunting and fluctuating by about 200 revs, this happens at various speeds and revs. Any ideas what could be the cause of this, I've checked lots of threads but cannot find this particular fault. Its worse at around 70mph but will...
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    Pulsing revs

    Hi there, I've got a strange problem on my 1996 SL500 R129. The revs pulse when I maintain a speed with very little throttle. It's done it since I bought it 15 months ago. I might be doing 40mph, tiny amount of throttle and after a short while, the revs will drop 100rpm then recover...
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    help - C220 CDI coupe clutch n cold start issues

    Hello all, I have recently purchased the above car on a 02 plate. I am having trouble with starting in the mornings. It takes a good 2 or 3 goes to get started. once running runs all day ok. I have noticed a slight drip of a plastic pipe (fuel line????) in the front of the engine above the...
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