1. L

    Loud Engine Noise

    Hi all I bought a C350 d Estate and when I start the engine, it sporadically makes a loud revving noise like a motorbike is going past. It does not do it all the time, and doesn't seem to do it after any particular journey or run time. Video of sound below: If you have any ideas, please let...
  2. Smaltze

    w210 throttle not returning to idle position

    My throttle is getting stuck in the half on position. At first when in park turning it on it starting screaming up the revs and i had to switch off quickly before it redlined. The throttle springs back from full on to about 30-40% on position but wont go all the way back to the bottom, as if...
  3. L

    auto 220e revving/ jerking in drive at a stop

    Hi, I have just come into possession of a 1993 Mercedes 220e automatic and have noticed that when in drive and I brake to a complete stop with the brake fully depressed the car is revving/jerking forward. My knowledge of cars is very limited and this is my first automatic car so not sure what...
  4. H

    W203 Oil Leak into wiring Loom/ECU Contaminated and Split Breather Pipe - Help needed

    Hi guys, I really need some help and advice from you guys as I'm genuinely stuck on what I need to do. A couple of month back I had the engine management light come on on my 2003 C200 Kompressor Coupe, 1.8L, Petrol (W203). I took it to a Mercedes specialist garage for STAR diagnostics. I...
  5. N

    W212 e250 manual

    I have a 59 plate e250, when accelerating the engine revs surge about 1800-2000 revs, usually only in fifth gear. Any one any clues what causes this and more importantly how much will it cost to repair!!
  6. R

    c180k over revving during gear change

    my c180k 2006 model has developed a problem where the engine over revs when i change gear. the rpms go up to 2000 and then come down as i release the clutch. any advise on what the problem could be would be much appreciated. rkakar

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