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  1. D

    W213 E220 AMG line

    Hi all, I have a E220 estate (2017) and its been pretty good so far. It has the AMG suspension and 19" wheels which makes the rim quite firm. I see two possible options (i) drop to 18" wheels - it seems Romac do a wheel called the Venom which looks very similar to the standard MB 19" items...
  2. jeremy156

    W221 S-class wheels ... Fat or Phatt?

    Folks - it's decision time. I bought my W221 wearing 20" AMG alloys, but felt the ride could be improved. I since found a set of (Geniune Mercedes) 18" alloys from eBay, which do improve the ride, the trouble is they don't look quite as visually arresting as the 20s. Now... I didn't think...
  3. R

    New Shocks, Alignment issue

    Hello All! Three out of four shocks were leaking and I replaced all four with Belstien OEM on my non ADS W140, S500, 1996 with new 235/60 R16 Bridgestone Turanzas. But honestly speaking I felt no difference in the ride. Still doesn't float, is very stiff, rocks on every minor bump and the...

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