roof problem

  1. towat

    W208 Conv Electrical niggle

    Hello everybody, I have recently purchased a 1999 CLK 320 convertible, it had the usual bodywork problems which I have now sorted with new wings etc and it is now looking good on 18" AMG rims. It does however have a couple of electrical niggles, firstly the heater blower stopped working and I...
  2. C

    124 series cabriolet roof reset

    Hi all, I have a 1994 E320 cabriolet, which only covers about 300 miles between MOT's. Unfortunately while taking it out for this years MOT I tried the roof, but it wouldn't open unaided and now it won't close ! The rear compartment doesn't even try to release so I have obviously put it out of...
  3. N

    CLK 2007 boot separator broken, roof won't come down

    Please help! The boot separator of my CLK 280 Cabriolet 2007 has come loose and I can not open the roof. Two small black plastic rings (approx 2cm diameter) have come off the attachment mechanism of the left and boot separator can be pulled down past the point where it normally latches and...
  4. S

    1999 CLK 230 Convertible, roof problem

    Hi I have had this car for over 3 months now (so no warranty left :( ) and today, after a whole 3 months of perfect roof removal, it decided to play up! Released the catch, pressed the button, roof starts to fold up, boot lid opens, tries to fold down, but the boot hasn't lifted properly...
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