rough idle

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    190e rough idle setting fuel/air mix

    Hi, I have a 190e that currently has a rough idle and lack of power intermittently that I'm going through and getting everything sorted before using it as a daily. So far I've: -Changed most parts on the ignition system spark test showed all good. -Compression test on all cylinders all tested...
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    Mercedes 190 1989 2.0E Rough Idle and bad cold start

    Hello I've been trying to fix this for a year now and I've spent a lot of time searching and trying different things but none have helped so I figured I'd make a thread to get some help. It seems like the colder it is outside the harder it is to start it, it starts but I have to pump the gas to...
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    CLK270 CDI Weird Idle at Startup

    Hi all, I've had a look around but I can't find another problem quite like this. Every time I start her up the revs drop just below where they should sit for about 3-5 seconds which makes the car really rattle. It's fine after that. Any ideas? It's a 2004 with 121k on the clock. It had the...
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    w126 500se rough idle and stalling when hot

    new to the forum so please feel free to correct any breaches of etiquette around my post I am a bit stumped by this. When hot and in drive the engine sometimes develops a very rough idle and will stall, and is usually a bit tricky to restart. Occasionally difficult to start in very hot weather...
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    How rough is rough idle?

    Hi all, First time poster, but found this forum thoroughly useful in the past. Thanks for all your help! I have owned my first Mercedes for a couple of months now and naturally im in love with it already. Just a niggle though- the idle is not perfectly smooth. It only jumps around about 20rmp...
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    Fuel line adventure

    Hello all. I have rough idling and occasional slow starting in my c270 cdi so I took your advice and replaced the o rings. I changed 4 of the o rings today, the one by the fuel filter, the rail and the 2 on the fuel pump. It seems to be slightly better now and there are no bubbles when it is...
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    V6 Diesel S320 CDi rough running

    Just bought a 2006 S320L CDi with 155000 on the clock. Engine seems to run a bit fast on idle and the it sounds a bit rough, not like the same engine in the CLS with similar mileage I have. MPG is as low as 19MPG up to 27MPG:(. Before I start prodding and undoing things, is there anything...
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    CLS 320 Engine running rough

    Hi everyone and thank you in advance for any advice offered. I own a 2006 CLS 320 (diesel) with some peculiar running issues. 1) Intermittently - On acceleration there is no acceleration for the first 1cm of throttle depression. Only a knocking noise from the engine. Pushing past this the car...
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    Please please help !!!!Rough Idle and EL power control EPC error

    :confused: Hi there I have a C270 CDI W203 2003 model about 170000KM on the clock, i have been having a problem with rough idle when started but after moving it comes right but once i change the gear to park or reverse it starts again, also when i use the kickdown ( foot down) the car...

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