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    Help - M271 Engine Rough Idle, Misfire Codes P0301-303, P0325 Knock Sensor, P0341 Cam Pos Sensor

    Mercedes C180K - 2006 (W203) Engine M271 100,000 miles My C180K will not start and if it does it sounds like a diesel tractor and runs rough. Can anyone help me detect the reason because due to Covid 19 i can't take it to a garage and i need the car to use to shop etc. It all started the one...
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    SL 500 M113 engine intake manifold mystery port causing rough erratic idle / loudness

    Hello forum Simply put, I had a problem with the car (detailed below as it may relate to your problem) and I have found the cause but do not know what part is missing? its the black port on the intake manifold - like a speedfit or pushfit connector? here is a library image. After...
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    C230 Coupe 2002 engine ind lamp & rough ride

    When accelerating in my auto the engine hickuped ane the engine diagnosis lamp came on, then the car started to run roughly. I stopped car and the engine was idling very unevenly. Swathed engine off then back on and it was fine, seemed to reset itself though the light stayed on. But if I...
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    C180k Sport Coupe running rough

    Hi all, Please go easy on me, Im not a mechanically minded lass, and I am a little anxious with this situation. Wonder if anyone could offer any advice. I have a 03 plate C180K, well serviced, just topped 80k on the clock. It has never had any running problems, so I was surprised the other day...

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