rusty arches

  1. D

    Rust rear wheel arch 03 SL55, pics in post

    Hi All, I have the opportunity to buy a '03 SL55 that us fully loaded, has great history, good mileage, roof motor, seals and ABC recently done, and a nice price. Trouble is it has rust on the wheel arch. I've read some posts saying it can be anything from a repair to a complete respray...
  2. D

    Bodywork in Middlesbrough Area?? please help...

    :DHi All I've just bought a C220 CDI - Engine - Perfect (113k and 10year old) Interior - Just needs a good cleaner on leather (any sugestions?) Exterior - Some small patches of rust and about 4/5 small bubbles on the roof just starting to show. Does anybody know any garage near...
  3. rolfy

    Paint/Body Shop in Nottingham

    Just noticed some rust bubbling the paintwork on the offside drivers wheel-arch rim. Would like to get it sorted ASAP (and some stone chips on the bonnet and drivers side panels). Can anyone recommend a paint/bodyshop in the Nottingham Area?
  4. G

    Rusty C43 AMG - Mercedes Watford don't want to know

    What do people know about the "good will" process, specifically relating to the recycled East German tin fences Mercedes used to make my car and hence the disgusting rust appearing in the wheel arches? Mercedes Watford told me they won't consider it unless I've owned the car 6 months, but by...
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