1. Sam Stoddard

    R230 slight roof leak in hinge

    Hey guys my 2003 SL350 (R230) has a small leak on the roof driver side hinge (see photos) Is this an easy DIY job?
  2. Janchee

    E-class pan roof glue?

    All, Can members please advise on some glue to re-attach the seal that has come lose. Thanks in adv, Jan
  3. C

    Age old problem Boot leaks in Mercedes SL350 (2003). Help!!!

    Hi I've owned my Merc. since 2013 and like most owners have had my fair share of expenditure (£12,000 in 6 years) keeping it on the road. I am a female driver and don't do DIY on cars so I use a private specialist Merc. garage who have a good reputation for servicing and repairing the car...
  4. Silver 300te

    s124 kombi 300te water pump gasket/seal???

    Hello. What does it looks like, engine to water pump? Anyone know the part number? Is it just an O ring? I'm not buying a whole new water pump, if I can help it. Thanks. Matthew
  5. O

    Video showing ATE Brake booster seal replacement inside the car

    Hello everyone, wanted to show this video where I replace the leaking plunger seal at the Brake booster without removing the booster from the car. This was done on a Volvo car which uses the same ATE Booster as Mercedes models from around 2000-2012. It can be done with the seal from URO (see...
  6. ch_wmids_uk

    W163 2002 Crankshaft Radial Seal

    Hi, My local dealer has highlighted some work they feel needs doing on the car. Most of it I understand but I'm not sure about the following; Crankshaft Radial Seal at rear on output end. The part number is MA112 997 02 46 - cost £ 11.60. To get to it it seams they have to remove / replace...
  7. N

    Air filter housing seal

    The top cover of the air filter housing in my W208 doesn't seem to make a clean seal with the box itself. How important is it for a complete seal to be made? I understand that you don't want dust and dirt being sucked in, I'm just wondering if it's supposed to be air-tight for performance...
  8. T

    Leaky seal 2003 SL55

    Hi, With all the recent weather a mediorce problem has turned into a larger one resulting with a wet bum after any long night with consistant rain! The SL has a leaky roof, with water coming in from the driver side roof where the hard top touches the top of corner of the windscreen. I...
  9. C

    Passenger Window Seal

    The front passenger window seal seems to be on its way out. If you open the door and close it the window (the glass) finishes on top of the rubber seal and you need to lower the window and then close it to re aline. Does anyone have any suggestions. Is this is a simple fix? If so where to I...
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