seat belts

  1. Arkay

    SLK seat restraint warning lights

    Hello My SRI warning light / message is coming on intermittently (!) stating I must see a dealer immediately. The problem is the seat restraint fixings and belts appear to be fine, and as I say, it only comes on occasionally. I have an MOT next week and although I have confidence in the...
  2. H

    Seat belt stuck. 2002 C class 270 CDI

    Hi guys. The rear off side seat belt on my C Class 270 CDI has stuck and will not release. No idea why it happened. Thought about removing panels to access the mechanism but thought I'd get a view from the forum before proceeding as it looks like a tricky task. Any ideas? Looked on other...
  3. H

    SeatBelt stuck - W140, 1998 S280

    Hi Guys, I test drove a really well kept 1998, s280 this morning. everything's perfect apart from the driver's seatbelt is stuck (out) and wont retract at all. Looks like a complete replacement based on some of the other threads i have seen - does anyone know how much it would be to get it...
  4. O

    W111 coupe seat belts

    I want to fit front and rear seat belts to my W111 coupe. It's a 1961 model. Does anyone have suggestions for doing this sympathetically? Thanks olddog

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