seat malfunction

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    Lumbar Support inflates on its own

    I have an SLK which has started to do something rather odd over the past few months. The lumbar support on the driver's seat inflates on its own, predominantly when I go around a left handed curve at speeds of over 20 or so MPH. I have sent it in to the dealer to have a look at it and they...
  2. B

    Reset airbag message

    I have 2010 S212 E220 estate and had a tear in drivers seat repaired yesterday at a car upholsters. fixed the tear nicely but in taking the seat out they have set off an error message (along the lines of drivers air bag faulty/malfunction). It appears all the cables have been clicked in...
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    SL55 AMG seats

    Hi all, my driver's seat functions (Pulse, Lumbar, shoulder and side cushions) all seem to have quit at once. Seat adjustment is unaffected. I can hear clicking (of relays?) when I operate the various switches but nothing else. Any clues? Regards, Peter

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