1. S

    C124 Handover Seat Belt Function

    Hello, I’m curious and wanted to know, from which year is this seatbelt function available and if all coupe models have it, or is it an additional option? Thanks!
  2. G

    2004 clk seat belt

    My Mrs pulled the seatbelt out as far as it could go. Why ? I do not know Now it won’t retract I’ve watched YouTube and I’m confident I can get the rear side panel off. I’m not sure if I’ll then have access to releasing the mechanism. Does anybody have any tips before I start the job please...
  3. TheGaffer

    C124 Seat Belt Butler Issue

    Hi All, I have two C124 and the second one i just purchased the butlers did not work, checked fuse and someone had removed, i replaced and passenger one works but drivers side not. Worked for a day or so and then stopped. Check fuse and it gone again, so took off panel on driver side (this one...
  4. G

    2017 C Class Coupe - Automatic Seatbelt Presenter

    Good evening all, Does anyone on here with a 2017 C-Class Coupe that was ordered and picked up in the first 4/5 months of 2016 have the 'Automatic Seatbelt Presenter'? You know the convenient part that push's the seat belt out once you sit down? Well, I haven't... (ordered early January 2016...
  5. A

    W212 Seatbelt Failure

    I had a recent failure of front seatbelt inertia release - requiring complete replacement (apparently). Naturally this happened just before MOT was due. Has anyone else had a seatbelt failure on a 5 year old, low mileage car? It seems to me to be unusual to happen so early in the life of...
  6. J

    My Seatbelt Cartridge fired!

    Hello pals. I'm not sure if this thread is in the right place? I had a big shock yesterday. I drove very slowly over a high kerb on my left to get round a parked truck on my right, something caught underneath (to the left side) and scraped, and then my seatbelt cartridge fired! The...
  7. A

    W169 A Class 1.5 2005 O/S SeatBelt Anchor how to fit it??

    Hi Does anyone have detailed instructions or know where I can find them to fit my new rear seat belt anchor as the clip doesnt work. Thank you so much. Cx
  8. B

    W124 300 CE seatbelt extender problems

    Hi, I'm having troubles with my passengerside seatbelt extender to work. I fooled around with the door switch then it worked fine. The next day it stopped again, so I thought it was the switch. So I switch it around with the driverside, still nothing:-(( Any comments on where i should try next...
  9. T

    Rear seatbelt tension

    Having just bought a 2004 C coupe I am extremely anxious to remedy the follwing "fault" as it is safety related. The rear seatbelts are a bit lethargic at recoiling back when unclipped, enough to pass an MOT (as it has recently been MOT'd) but not great. However, having recently changed from a...

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