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    W219 - Gearbox Refill / Oil Coolant pipe

    CLS CDI 350 w219 Drove the car sportily and gearbox stopped working, only 100 meters driven onto drive on inspection I could see these two pipes loose, one off the other very loose as seen in the picture my impression is the person who recently just replaced the bumper did not tighten...
  2. G

    Servicing my sprinter

    Can anyone link me to any servicing material for my 06 sprinter 2.1 311 cdi.
  3. Z

    2003 W211 service manual

    Hi every one, I am buying a 2003 W211 (E 240) Sedan from an auction. It has been a police car and now they are selling it to private owners. They told me that it has the police dash installed but they are providing the elegant front dash and 4 sets of tires and AMG alloys with the car...

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