1. JuniorMechanic

    What is it? Clutch, Flywheel or what?

    Hi, it's Juior Mechanic. I have been seeking a solution for my problem, and haven't found it. And I have no idea where to look, where to begin. My car is a 1991 w124 230CE (catalytic converter) five speed manual gearbox The engine is smooth, drives and runs ok, it also starts ok. Problem...
  2. P

    Strange acceleration vibration/shudder

    Hi , I've just bought my first old 2004 C220 2.2 diesel and it's got a weird vibration sometimes when accelerating hard. I read the service history, and no mention of transmission fluid ever being changed, so I've ordered the bits to do that, just wondered if anyone had experienced...
  3. T

    1999 C180 : shudder at rest after kick down

    Just got the car back from an A service and some work for MOT which included a couple of autobox pipes being replaced. All was going well until I used the kickdown to overtake someone (Was going at 30 at time, might have reached 45 while overtaking) ... the engine seemed to rev highly without...

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