sl 320

  1. usernothername

    R129 boot central locking

    Hi all When opening the central locking on my 97 SL320 the doors unlock immediately but it takes a long time for the boot to unlock. Can hear the pump working and it does eventually unlock. So I'm not locked out, but this doesn't seem normal and I'm concerned the pump will eventually burn out...
  2. C

    1993 sl 320

    Hi there, im new to this forum can anyone give me a reason why my soft top only opens half way
  3. K

    Car cover for SL W129

    Hi - I am new to the forum. I am about to buy an SL320 W129 (1997). Can't wait. I am looking for a car cover. My main concern is to keep out the moisture/wet as it will be parked on the drive/street. I have had problems with E class of the same period (W124) rusting on the wings/arches after...
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