1. T

    C204 2011 C220 CDI COUPÉ LIMP MODE & EML

    Hey guys, hope all of you had a great week so far! About two months ago the EML of my car turned up and being checked by the dealer. No unusual signs beside the Auto Stars/Stop (Eco System) stops working completely at that time. I was told that the Boost Pressure Sensor & the auxiliary...
  2. I

    Mercedes R-Class R320 CDI Variant Coding

    Hi I just finished the Om642 oil cooler seal change, engine seems to be working good, but I get the original shutter and sluggish shifting on my transmission during lite acceleration takeoff from stop, I went through all the transmission adaptation in DAS, but nothing seems to change when I...
  3. TechnoWhizz

    ML500 W163 2003 Performance Questions?

    Hi, I have a 2003 ML500 with a Petrol/LPG conversion. As a newbie I have a few questions for those more knowledgeable than I ! She seems to drive fine to me, but as I've got no comparison it's difficult to tell. My previous car was an SLK 230 and I do drive with a light right foot 95% of the...
  4. C

    CL500 lacking power under load

    Hi all, Just bought my first MB and have some issues. I picked up a secondhand W reg CL500 on 120k miles for what I'm hoping is a bargain, however there are a couple of things that may prove an expensive fix. Nb the car has black leather interior in vvgc, no apparent corrosion, is dead...
  5. D

    Help: C220 Very sluggish when cold

    Hi there, i have got a c220 2005 (94000) miles driven. I am a little concerned about its acceleration when its cold. car literately struggles to move until the engine warms up which is about 10-15 minutes. when it gets warm then it drives superb. no lack of power or acceleration at all. I...
  6. D

    C220 cdi w202 smoking / sluggish / top end tapping

    I have scoured the forum for suggestions but haven't found a lot for W202 specifics, so am hoping people might have some advice. I picked the car up, fairly cheap, a few weeks ago. I could tell it wasn't perfect but the money was right, it had good history and only 120,000 miles, so I went...
  7. G

    Mercedes c180 acceleration difficulty

    Hi all, Brand new here, and new to the world of Mercedes! Jut purchased a 1997 Mercedes C180 Esprit. Sales went well etc and car seemed to run well. I've taken it in a few drives and have noticed a few things that I'm begging you fabulous experts can help me with: 1. Interior blower...
  8. L

    C180k Sport Coupe running rough

    Hi all, Please go easy on me, Im not a mechanically minded lass, and I am a little anxious with this situation. Wonder if anyone could offer any advice. I have a 03 plate C180K, well serviced, just topped 80k on the clock. It has never had any running problems, so I was surprised the other day...
  9. T

    ML270cdi (2001) Low Rev problems

    Last month my Mercedes ML 270cdi began driving only at low revs in emergency mode, when taken to my mechanic he had replaced the intake manifold. After about a week, I have been experiencing similar problems but the car now goes into this emergency mode intermittently. Some days the car is...

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