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    Smart key not working C class

    Hello there I have a problem with a Mercedes c class 220 cdi smart key, it will. Not unlock the steering to start the car, the batteries have been replaced in the remote, I don't know if it the remote central locking was working before the batteries were changed but it certainly doesn't now, any...
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    C230 smart key down, can replacing ignition switch and key fix problem?

    Bought at auction...and I have a key. It worked on the door locks, for a short couple of days, but never did it let me turn the key or start the car . It won't budge. So instead of going to the dealer and having them order one from Germany and then towing the car two cities away to the dealer...
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    W203 Central Locking Weirdness & Smart keys

    Hi! :) I'm new to this forum. I'll probably be here quite a lot now that my CD220 is around 8 years old and I'm not getting any richer lol. I've got a strange problem with one of my smart keys and was wondering if someone here has experienced this issue, or who knows of it, and perhaps...
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    Key fob intermittent function

    Hi gang. Bought a 2001 c220 cdi at auction recently. Key fob that came with it was badly worn & only worked intermittently. Ordered a new key fob from Harrogate mercedes as always best to have 2 keys. New fob worked fine for first week but now started to unlock only intermittently. New fob & new...

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