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    2008 S320 cdi Weird Radio Issue

    Hello I'm new to the forum and MB so please be kind :) I was hoping someone could help I have purchased a 2008 S320Cdi all was well for a couple of months then the Radio wouldn't work in the sense that is makes a pulsing sound of the station its on.. after either a few miles or even...
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    W203 Head Unit Replacement - Pioneer

    Hi, I currently have a 2007 C180 W203 (Passed Down by the old man) :o. I was thinking of changing the sound system, starting with the head unit, the current one is an Audio 20 without Bluetooth, aux or ipod etc. Is the Pioneer Avic F70Dab ( link below )...
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    A170 W169 3 door rear speaker removal?

    Anyone know if these just pop out or does the whole panel have to come off? I have levered them a bit, and they move but are very tight, and I am worried I will break them. If they do pop out, do I lever under the chrome ring, or the internal circular section?

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