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    V-Class wheel brace and jack question

    [Ressolved] Hi all. New to the forum and hope someone might be able to help. I have a 2017 V250. I had a puncture a few days ago and eventually managed to find out the procedure for accessing the spare wheel. However, I have tried seve3ral times to return the jack and other...
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    W213 All-Terrain Run-flats/Spare/Winter options

    Has anyone experience of running this car on run-flats. The current tires are 245x40x20 front and 275x35x20 at the back. I would prefer the additional safety offered by run-flat tires (The hard shoulder at night is a truly scary place even for a couple of minutes) but I don’t want to compromise...
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    Full size spare wheel - will it fit?

    I have a 61 plate C220 estate and recently experienced a puncture; this caused me to realise the 'spare' was totally inadequate for my needs. Can anyone tell me if a full size alloy wheel will fit in the recess and permit both the tray and cover to be installed with it in place? I...

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