1. D

    Phoenix Car Works, Ashford

    Has anyone had any experience of using Phoenix Car Works near Ashford (https://phoenixcarworks.co.uk/)? They say they're classic car and MB specialists. They seem like a relatively new indie in the Kent area and their website doesn't have an address or telephone number (although this can be...
  2. Lukeya9

    Norfolk Mercedes specialist

    Hi, Can anyone recommend/had an experiences with a Mercedes specialist in Norfolk? Thanks in advance
  3. S

    SW London Newbie

    Hello, just joined the forums. Been working on mercs for 15 years now, working for MB UK in blakelands as a tech and for mobilo life in SW london. Hope i can shed some light on the issues your all having.... got a bit of product knowledge about mercs but always keen to learn more...
  4. P

    MB specialists

    Hi all, does anyone recommend a specialist in Kent? Main dealers look distinctly disinterested in a 2003 SL55. Regards, Peter
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