1. Ted Schrecker

    Prestige German Cars South Shields

    Anyone have any experience with these specialists? With thanks, TS
  2. Ted Schrecker

    Best M-B service in Tyneside

    Hello all, New to Mercedes-Benz ownership (2003 SL500) and wondering what took me so long, I am now looking for the best dealer and independent service options in the Newcastle upon Tyne area, although I'm willing to go farther afield for the best work. I have seen a number of postiive...
  3. W


    Hi all, Brand new to the forum, and first time Mercedes owner of 2 days Can anyone please recommend a reliable, reputable Mercedes specialist for the east Berkshire area? I have a 2013 C180 that will have non-main dealer services. Many thanks in advance. Rich.
  4. D

    Any recommended independent Merc specialist in London for serving

    Hey everyone, I've been a Mercedes Benz owner for about 6 years now and unfortunately I've had ongoing problem with my car and appalling service and customer car from Mercedes Benz dealerships - I've tried MANY. Mercedes Benz of Hertford is the worst! Mercedes Benz formally of Edmonton are...
  5. B

    Merparts - probably the best independent specialists in Scotland?

    There's one famous slogan about "probably the best beer....", and another about "refreshing the parts that others don't reach...". Both of these apply to Merparts (Paul and Steff Mazzoni) in Port Glasgow. I have just had an outstandingly good experience with them, and it's only right that I...
  6. P

    Anyone used Alliance Cars in Cardiff

    Hi has anyone got any views on Alliance Cars, Cardiff - they state they're an MB specialist, but I can't find any reviews on them. I understand that they acquired Kings (MB specialist), but Kings seemed to have a pretty bad reputation in the past. Any feedback would be much appreciated as my...

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