1. grahamwoodward

    W211 Speedo - replacement

    If I replace the speedo binacle in my W211 E-class will I retain the original mileage figure? My E-class has a speedo in km/h and I am thinking of changing it for one showing miles.
  2. R

    2004 e320 w211 intermittent no speedo, direction indicators, air con, windows

    I have an intermittent problem that is driving me nuts. With increasingly frequency my wife's e320 when started has no speedo display, no air con, no direction indicator function or display, no electric window function. All other displays on the central console e.g. air temperature work fine...
  3. A

    Rev counter, speedo and fuel gauge not working

    Hi - I recently had to jump start my C250TD (s202) and since then I have had an intermittent problem with the rev counter, speedo and fuel gauge not working. When the problem occurs the rev counter flickers a little bit and the needle lifts up off the zero mark fractionally. Sometimes (not...
  4. T

    Dashboard Instrument Cluster FAIL

    Hi. I know there have been other postings but can someone please point me in the right direction. C200 Elegance 1996. Firstly my petrol gauge went 'wonky' up...down...up and so on. I had battery issues (discharging) so had to recharge/ reconnect it a few times. New battery now fitted...

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