1. S

    w212 s212 Rear Air Suspension. A WARNING!!

    Having recently had a slow leak necessitating the replacement of a rear air spring on my car (and finding it an incredibly easy job, it's described elsewhere but with two people you don't even need to remove the shock top mount making it a 15 minute job) I found some springs at just over £60...
  2. A

    W203 52 Plate Avantgarde Estate broken Rear spring

    Could someone please help me identify the correct springs to install. The problem is that the previous owner installed E class springs to cope with towing a caravan. so i don't have the correct colour code. After talking to my local steelers they said either three blue or two yellow spots...
  3. Smaltze

    w210 throttle not returning to idle position

    My throttle is getting stuck in the half on position. At first when in park turning it on it starting screaming up the revs and i had to switch off quickly before it redlined. The throttle springs back from full on to about 30-40% on position but wont go all the way back to the bottom, as if...
  4. U

    W211 Suspension Collapse - AGAIN!

    Can you believe this has happened again? http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/showthread.php?t=75695 Yes. Again. The wife and I sleeping in bed, with me dreaming of happy motoring, trying not to think of an early morning flight for work, when there was an almightly noise what sounded like a...
  5. Onne

    Rear road springs W126

    Hello all, I was wondering if there are any heavier springs I could put on the back of my W126. I run my car on LPG, and have thus got about 100kg extra weight in the boot, right over the axle though... Any suggestions? I could lower the front to match but I am no fan of cutting coils...

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