1. T

    Suspension replacement on CLK A209

    Hello all I took my CLK for a wheel alignment yesterday, but was told the alignment is out of whack because of bad shocks (apparently passenger side is sagging so the toe/camber are all a mess). The alignment shop chap recommended me to replace all four shocks. After a day of internet trawl I...
  2. S

    Lowering springs on Mergedes W211 320CDI 2005

    Dear members, I fit new aftermarket shocks (Sachs made). The car has risen twice compared to what was before. The shocks are adjustable. Does anybody know how much I should lower them to the same level as the genuine ones? Also, what type of the genuine colour coded coil springs should be...
  3. L

    W124 wagon SLS and cuting springs

    Hello :-) Just got my vert first mercedes, W124 230TE 1989. And planed to lower the car by cutting the springs, i know it is a bad idea, but my wallet won’t allow any lowering springs. But since the car has SLS i wounderd if that should be disabled somehow for the cuted spring to have any...
  4. C

    W204 220cdi sport.. front springs

    Hi Guys I have a 58 plate 220cdi sport saloon. Just noticed I have a damaged front spring.. easy enough you would think ??? Tried to order parts on Euro and there are 2 types.. Does the sport version have the " lowered chassis " ? Sorry if this is a daft question but any info/ help would be...
  5. S

    W220 Trunk Springs

    Hello, I have a 2000 S320 (W220), and I’m having a really hard time un-hooking the springs from the trunk that help swing the trunk open. On the left side, the spring is set to maximum tension, while on the right side it is not. I would like to increase the tension on the right side as the...
  6. anyweb

    W212: 2009 e350cdi how do I replace the rear springs ?

    hi, one of my two rear springs has a broken bit right at the bottom coil, and of course they'll fail me next February for BilProvning here in Sweden (MOT for you lot), so I was wondering how difficult of a job is it to replace these myself, is it very hard or very doable, any youtube videos or...
  7. J

    W212 E220d AMG sport lowering springs

    Hi does anyone have any advice on lowering a W212 E220d, it has the AMG pack so I think it has already been lowered by 15mm. I was thinking of lowering it a bit more as I think it would look really good. I have been told it could be lowered another 10mm or 20mm. Has anyone done this? I am...
  8. Smaltze

    What shall I do about my w210 rear suspension

    I've been running H&R springs all round on my w210 e320 for a couple of years now, they were fine and the car was comfy at first but it's not good now. It feels like I have about an inch of travel and no shock absorbtion atall. It's back breaking to say the least. I guess i have gotten used to...
  9. Smaltze

    W210 lowering woops

    Well guys I messed up. I tried fitting the springs I bought that I made a thread about earlier. Neither of them fit, the pigtails are wrong sized and the rear ones are too wide. In a stupid moment of spontaneousness I cut the rear springs by 2 coils instead thinking it wouldn't be so bad...
  10. M

    E55 Suspension - Help!

    Can anybody help me with a query. I have a W210 E55 (1999) with 120,000 miles on it. The back suspension has become rock hard, that is it has no give in it? The car is fitted with a ride lowering button but I don’t think that has worked in a while. I’m at the moment looking to replace the front...

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