1. George Benz

    Ignition, dash light issues & engine cutting out?

    Hi all, new member here but have been a lurker for some time! I have a CLK 220CDI with 160K on the clock, car has been utterly reliable but am now having some strange electrical gremlins, hoping someone has had the same issues and found a common fault. It started with key fob issues, as in...
  2. J

    W124 E280 4-speed auto Estate ('95)

    Hi everyone, I have the following intermittent problem, possibly link to a cold start issue. On ignition. I don't always get the automatic idle surge up from ca. 800 to about 1100, to warm the engine. Later W124s do not have specific cold start valves, so start injection is an EMS controlled...
  3. B

    Gyro Judder when stationary !!??

    Hi i have a CLK 240 on a '52 plate. Auto and randomly when coming to a stop (traffic lights etc) the rev's drop to almost stall point (it doesn't stall) and there is what i can only decribe as a gyroscopic side to side slow judder. the rev's then blip up and it settles. the worrying thing is...
  4. C

    230 Misfire

    Hi, I am new to the forum and hope someone can help me out. I have a 1977 230 4 Cylinder Gas (115.954 engine with a Stromberg carb). When it runs (after about 20 minutes) and the engine idles in drive (like at a traffic light) it stutters and misfires. Sometime very badly (so I have to...

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