1. Y

    Stiff gears reverse through to 6th . No clunking or noises 2014 sprinter 2.1 313

    Hi guys First Post Just bought a sprinter 2014 LWB 2.1 Highish miles 174,000 Full service history ex lease . Clutch is smooth and all gears locate , but very stiff , all equally stiff , non different than the other , just needs a heavy push to do the gear changes. No clunking or noise and...
  2. jeremy156

    124 stiff throttle

    Had a go at lubricating my throttle cable a while ago (dry ptfe) and noticed an improvement to my heavy throttle, but still heavy. Considered replacing the throttle cable. This evening, driving up a long steep hill, I hit “resume” on the cruise control which was set at “70”-ish from a speed of...
  3. Dan Jones

    Steering wheel very stiff no power.

    Hi everyone had a bit of drama this evening, i started my C220 Cdi auto and went to pull away but the steering has gone completely stiff and very hard to turn. There are no leaks and no funny noises all the belts are moving correctly and can't see any slips on them but it seems something has...
  4. G

    Newbie Merc owner with a heavy, squeaky steering on my 1988 W124 260E

    Greetings from Manila, Philippines! I recently acquired a 1998 W124 260E. It's a nice car with great body and interiors. However it does have mechanical concerns. The steering feels heavy and stiff and there is a loud squeaky sound somewhere under the car when i turn the wheels. I read...
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