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    W204 ECO mode

    Hi All I have a little puzzle for you sorry it goes on a bit... So I have a W204 2012 AMG Sport Plus just out of warranty.... Over Christmas the stop start didn't activate for some weeks. Eventually I got round to having a look at it so i though id park it in my workshop have a plug...
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    CLC wiper problems (with rain sensor)

    Having looked at the many posts on wiper issues I seem to have a slightly different issue and wondered if the many more experienced posters could shed some light (it's a CLC 2008) - Position 0 (manual - on pressing the stalk) - wipers operate when button pressed but stop as soon as button...
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    SL350 ECO stop start problem

    The ECO stop/start function on my 2 years old SL350 seems to work on a haphazard basis. Some days it comes on within a mile but on others I can drive 5 or 6 miles and I have even driven as much as 15 before it comes on. Even then it often switches off and on again without warning. I know several...

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