temperature sensor

  1. M

    w124 e220 viscous fan question

    Hi, first ever post here, been trawling threads diligently for a year since buying an S124 '96 e220 (so M111 motor) wagon here in Germany where I now seem to live. 250kms on the clock (after my 10), runs beautifully at speed but has the dreaded idle shake n stall problem and have been slowly...
  2. J

    Exhaust gas temp sensor fault

    On my vito I keep getting the check management light, this come on and off over the past few weeks and I’ve changed the sensor and had the exhaust DPF cleaned out also, I’ve taken in to garages and they don’t know what to do either my van gets a good run weekly so can’t say it’s build up but...
  3. J

    208D (OM601.940) coolant sensor location

    Hi, I'm trying to find the coolant sensor on this engine. That might sound like a silly thing to have trouble with, but I can see two things that look like the candidate, and neither are it. The actual problem I am having is that there is no heat and the temp gauge doesn't move. To me that says...
  4. D

    Clk 200 kompressor radiator fan

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help I purchased a second hand mercedes clk 200 kompressor cabriolet on a 2000 y plate . When driving today I seen a fault pop on screen saying engine fan warning . I switched off car waited a few hours and reran I noticed that the rad fan was turning slowly and...
  5. B

    C230 W203 A/C regulation out - Blows hot air

    Hey guys!! Thank you for this great forum, read plenty of good tips to look after my beloved C230 W203 2.5L! Got recently an issue with the A/C regulation - I cannot figure where the problem lies.. (My car has the standard dual zone with the 2 knobs - not the digital climatronic one) Blowing...
  6. M

    W204 Strange Behaviour

    Ever since I bought my C200 it has displayed the following odd behaviour. Every so often: - The temperature gauge drops to zero - The engine fan comes on - The heater comes on. If I pull over and switch off the ignition and then switch on again everything returns to normal. This used to...
  7. rai

    [Wanted] W202 Fog lamps + outside temp sensor

    Hi all, I am requesting a pair of Fog lamps with wires for a w202 model to fit on the front bumper... And also an outside temperature sensor also with wires as the model did not come with it. Please and Thank you :)
  8. M

    Coil Light not coming on for about 30 seconds.

    Hello out there. I only recently bought my Vito and it's been great so far, i gather because the previous owner was a caring owner. Couple of things i need some advice on though please. 1) The coil light doesn't come on for about 30 seconds, it comes on straight away if i turn the engine on...
  9. rx6180

    Any way to test out the cooling fan module?

    My car is a 1999 W202 C200 and I'm confused as to whether my radiator cooling fan module is working properly or not. Last week on a warm sunny day, stuck in town traffic I got the feeling that my temp gauge needle had crept a little higher than normal with no effort from my cooling fan. Back...
  10. L

    remove coolant temperature sensor in my 2001 S500 mb

    somebody knows how to remove coolant temperature sensor of a 2001 S500 mb? please let me know. will really appreciate your help.

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