1. C

    2019 C220 D

    Hi All, just purchased my fist MB (previously a VW head) I bought a 2019 C 220 D Sport Premium in silver with 17 inche alloys. Absolutely love it so far. Has anyone done any nice mods to this model of car? I may change grill to a diamond front grill like the AMG line has and I may also put...
  2. EasyD

    New to Merc C250 d Stop Start and Tints

    Hi all, bought my Merc from sytner in Milton Keynes. 65 plate, drives nice. Just one question, I've had it for about month but the Auto Stop feature has not enaged yet, is this common? Also want to get rear passenger windows tinted, any suggestions for near Bedford? Ta all.
  3. Sylar

    W203 dipping mirror question

    Hi guys, Looking for advice..... My lovely 2006 C class has the dipping mirrors, i have noticed that the interior and drivers mirror tint a nice blue but the passenger side doesn't. Are the meant to tint on the passenger side?
  4. J

    Tinting my windows question

    I have a 2008 CLC Class and I'm going to get the windows tinted. However, a friend of mine has said that I can't touch the front windows as the manufacturer would have already put a film on the windows that is so close to the 70% legal cut-off that I can't add any more. Is this true? Thank...

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