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    E220d AMG Line Edition Premium with COMAND Online

    I have recently become the owner of a 2020 model E220d AMG Line Edition Premium with COMAND Online. I am gradually exploring all of the bells and whistles of which there are many! One of the things that I am finding more difficult that others is the Sat Nav. I used a TomTom Go 6200 with live...
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    Problem with the Tomtom ball join holder!

    Hello all, I am using Tomtom 6000 for more than a year. Now got a problem that the plastic holder (balls join) start getting weak (wear and tear!). The GPS is pitching down during driving. Every ten minutes I must re adjusted. The new holder cost about €40,- . Using superglue is not a...
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    benefits of Comand v Nav50 v TomTom?

    Hi all, Completely new to MB and this forum but am about to buy a new W212 E220 Avantgarde CDI. The only thing I cannot decide on is what option to go for with regards to the telephone/media/navigation unit. I've searched high and low and cannot find any detailed analysis on the...

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