1. grahamwoodward

    Torque Wrench

    Hi. I want to buy a small torque wrench (TW) for use with torx screws and bolts on my Merc E320 (W211). It will be used mostly for interior parts, trim etc. My Torx set has quarter-inch drive. Most TWs on sale go down to around 30Nm min. Is that small enough for small items on modern cars? What...
  2. M

    w123 fuel gauge tool

    Hiya Newbie forum visitor. Have read some stuff before but now need to ask a question. Need to open my fuel level sensor and after reading up it seems I need one of these massive 46m (1 13/16) sockets. The ones the sell 'off the shelve' are all quite massive. So the question is: would the...
  3. D

    Tools & test equipment : where to order?

    Hi again Re Bosch KE-Jetronics I would like to know were to order basic test equipment : Fuel pressure tester& Injector tester? Is this kit what I need? I have an automotive multimeter. Do I need anything else...
  4. G

    Wrench size for battery connection

    My 1997 E300 TD is overseas and I need to re-connect the battery when I pick it up. Adjustable wrenches are too big to fit the space. Anyone know the size of wrench needed. I think it may be 10mm but I'm not sure. If the connection is not properly tightened the damn alarm keeps going off.

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