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    E270 gearbox

    My 2003 E 270 has a broken gearbox. I phoned two independents and they both had experience of the same problem with several 270s. What is going on? I spent £1200 two years ago on a new torque converter, is this the sae problem. I a now faced with a bill for £4000 for a new gearbox on...
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    ML320 2001 Gearbox issues, I think?!? Please please help!

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here! I have a ML320 (2001). Very simply, I seemed to have come to a dead-end, as far as solutions are concerned! Car initially went into 'limp' mode intermittently and wouldn't come out of 1st gear. Local Merc specialists' diagnostics couldn't figure...
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    E 280 CDi Automatic gearbox jerk problems

    I have just bought a E280 CDi Sport 7 speed Automatic, and have found that a get a gearbox jerk when slowing down from 4th to 3rd and so on. This only seems to happen when cold I was en-route to my Mercedes Dealer this morning to highlight it and get them to investigate it, but once the...
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    oil - gearbox &TC, c230 coupe

    I am taking everyones advice re my dodgy torque converter and have arranged for someone who knows what he is doing to flush out & replace the oil. MB recommend that it takes 16 litres of gearbox oil to do this (on top of the flushing oil)- this seems to be on the basis that you lose the first 8...
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    Is my Torque convertor giving up?

    Hi. Well I have been trying to sort out harsh gear changes on my 2000 SL320 for a little while now - so any help would be appreciated. Sorry if this is a little long, but just want to try to get everything relevant down. The symptoms The harsh changes are not constant - it can also...
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    ML270 Torque converter to felxplate bolt torque value

    I broke one of the 6 bolts holding the torque converter to the flexplate today, jip I overtightened it I guess :( Thankfully I could get the bolt out again without having to split the engine and the gearbox. Tommorow I'll try to find 6 new bolts (only need 1, but if I am replacing 1 I could...
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    E320 Torque Convertor

    I have just put my E320 estate into the garage because it developed a small shudder around 1500 rev's and got worse with more people in the car. The MB garage has been great and have always been. But the problem appears to be with the Torque Convertor and needs replacing, they contacted the...

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