1. G

    Pleasantly surprised

    Just come back from a whistle stop tour of Cornwall in my recently acquired SL350 and must say I loved it! Nice and comfortable to drive, roof down listening to that burble from the exhaust was quite satisfying! I thought the acceleration was lacking but once you built up speed it responded well...
  2. st4

    Touring: The Isle of Skye and the West Coast

    Day one: Getting to Skye As you know from the thread in the Benz bin I decided to tour the Isle of Skye with my time off. I had decided that as I had an immensely enjoyable tour last March towards the end, I would repeat the idea but tour somewhere differently. Thing is, the weather...
  3. J

    Touring my R129 - advice please.

    I am at the early stage of planning a September tour in France. We have to be in the Loire Valley in late Sept for an event, but have been offered stays in friend's holiday homes in the Alps and the Dordogne, so I am thinking of a grand tour. Tunnel and overnight in Champagne district, a few...

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