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    GLC300e 2023/2024 Towbar?

    Hi, I'm looking for a Towbar for a GLC300e (2023/2024 SUV shape) but struggling to find one, has anyone come across one in the UK? Thanks.
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    On numerous occasions, I enquired with my Dealer whether it was possible to fit a tow bar when the car was being built, and each time he confirmed that it was not possible until after the car was delivered! Now I have the car, I have been quoted £3,258 by Mercedes which appears to be the same...
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    Tow bar not deploying on W166 GLE SUV 2017

    Hi there I recently bought a 2017 GLE SUV. It’s AMG Line and has the switches in the driver door bin and boot lid to deploy the tow bar. I presume factory fitted. I pressed the button in the driver door and no tow hook appeared. I tried the boot button and there is a sound of mechanical...
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    W213 All-Terrain tow bar switch light stays on

    Can someone who has W213 estate with the factory fitted electrically deploy-able tow bar please tell me if the light on the switch goes out when the tow bar is deployed? The manual says the light should flash when deploying and then go off but mine stops flashing and stays on. There are no...
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    Tow bar for 2015 E350 AMG Coupe

    Hello all... I want to fit a tow bar to my car but have be advised by numerous firms that there isn't a way to fit one to this particular vehicle due to the setup of the rear bumper/air dam. Has anyone any experience of this....? Thanks for reading - Dave
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    No towing with a 2016 E220 AMG Estate?

    Hi, Newbie here.. I took possession of a 2016 E220 AMG Night (last in the model line) last month under a business lease. Had a retro-fitted tow bar on our 2013 220 (with permission) and mentioned to the salesman we were going to put it on the new vehicle, no problem he said. All fine...
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    SLK Tow Bar for bike carrier

    hi - does anyone know if a tow bar can be fitted to an SLK 200 for use with bike carriers please?
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    Tow bar & electrics for CLK350 W209 Cabriolet

    Hi, I've just bought a couple of bikes for my wife and I, and assumed wrongly that finding a bike rack for this car would be simple! How wrong I was. It seems the best bet now is to have a detatchable tow bar fitted and go for a Thule Bicycle Tow Ball Carrier...

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