tyre pressure

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    Tyre pressure display

    Hi. New Merc owner here: 2016 C350E I have the tyre pressure monitor and I want to know if I can have it display in PSI rather than kPa which I'm not used to Not a big deal but would be nice
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    How to Reset 2009 SL350 (R230) Tyre Pressure Warning?

    Hi Kids. OK quite possibly having a very senior moment with this one, but just had the rear off side tyre replaced after the sidewall was punctured. Now all four boots are at their correct pressures but quite obviously the dash is asking me to reset the the tyre pressure set up after the tyre...
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    Tyre pressure on r19 cls320

    Hi everyone, I just bought a cls 320 from 2006 and is equipped with R19 tyres. Front 255/35 ZR19 96y Falcon tyres and rear 285/30 ZR19 98y and I'd like to know what tyre pressure I should put in for both situations full car or just myself, summer or winter. I checked MB site and I tried...
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    Tyre Pressure Gauge

    Hello everybody! Tyre pressure is a sensitive issue and most of the ordinary tyre shops have gauges with errors. Which one is the best for non-professional use? How to be sure if a tyre pressure gauge is truly calibrated or not? How to calibrate your own it or check calibration to...

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