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    Viano W639 Electric Sliding door pops open when driving

    Quite randomly, I can be driving along and the right hand electric sliding door just unlocks itself and pops open a little. Thankfully it doesn't slide all the way back! Initially, I thought it was when I drove over a bump but that's not the case, it happens on the flat as well. It has to be...
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    Where is the siren is located on a viano or vito?

    Appear to have got my alarm working on my viano (hazards flashing) although its not making a noise. I suspect whoever had the car before me may have disconnected the siren to stop the annoyance. Anyone know where the siren is located so I can see if the wires are ok? Manythanks
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    V class heater blower replacement

    I have a P reg V class 230. The blower motor has packed up and Im hoping someone can tell me how to remove the dash and replace the motor please. Little Ella my 3 yr old complained about the cold all the way home last night so I have to do something...Is there a Haynes manual or something...

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