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    BRABUS GV12 2009

    Hi, I’ve got a Brabus gv12 2009 and im thinking of selling it but I can’t find any comparisons online to compare too in terms of value. Have any of you guys got an idea on value or what you’ve seen them sell for?
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    Loud turbo spoiling noise on my SL600 2006

    Hello lovely people:) My first time posting a question! Please some one tell me what to do. My beloved SL600 (2006, 50,000 miles) has a problem. After a few miles of driving it I hear an unusual whistle sound which I can only assume to be the turbo. After a few miles more, the car feels like it...
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    Methanol for S600 biturbo?

    Hi all I wondered if anyone has fitted methanol to their turbo Mercedes? I have the W220 S600 bi turbo and thought meth could make a decent improvement on the running/power? Maybe help to cool the chargecoolers better!?
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    Hi, I have two beautiful Mercedes' one 1990 SL500 and one 1992 SEL600. I was wondering if i would have any issues replacing the engine in the SL with the 6.0 litre V12 in my SEL?? :D As their is a SL600 with the same chassis i would think their would not be any problem Any suggestions or...
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    igntion coil CL 600 V12 left side

    I'm looking for ignition coil to my CL 600 2007 LEft Side. BEst should be used spare parts but new one in good price will be nice.
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    Mercedes Brabus GLK V12

    BRABUS GLK V12 - The World's fastest street-legal SUV!.. http://www.d4u.com.ua/en/go/Mercedes-Brabus-GLK-V12/news.details.html

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