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    Mercedes v230 98 central locking/ alarm

    Hi all, I have brought a 1998 v230 and have been restoring to get her back on the road, i have done alot of work on her and im nearly ready to put in for MOT. I am having a lot of trouble trying work out whats going on with the alarm/central locking. When i first unlock the van the for the...
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    V230 - Weird red LED on dash - any ideas??

    Hi, Am just looking at buying a 1998, V230 Ambiente with LPG conversion. This is from a dealer who's taken it as a trade in so knows nothing about it. Sadly, virtually no history, including no LPG certificate - though I've checked this out and can get it tested and registered. There is a red...
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    Removing V230 Tensioner

    This is my first post and I am looking for advice on how to remove the chain tensioners on my 1997 V class 230.It appears that I need to do this to remove the head ! I am replacing head gasket.

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