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    V280 flat battery - where are the jump start points, help pls!

    Hi Stupidly left my headlights on over night, battery is dead as a Dodo. I've seen videos on YT that show a red cap you push in to expose a positive terminal and that there is a pillar sticking out on body work for the negative. My van does not have these I can't find them anywhere. The van...
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    Electrical drain

    V280 98/99 - what is the expected milliamp drain on standing please? Mine drains at 200ma which seems high and I periodically have problems with a flat battery. If this is too high, any suggestions on what may be causing it.
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    V-class with 6 or 7 seats.

    Firstly, this is my first post so hello everyone. I'm debating buying a V280 Ambiente and after a lot of research I can't find any info relating to the number of seats. Some have 6 and some have 7 with the extra seat being in the middle row. I'm looking for the 7 seat version but I'm...

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