1. O

    Video showing ATE Brake booster seal replacement inside the car

    Hello everyone, wanted to show this video where I replace the leaking plunger seal at the Brake booster without removing the booster from the car. This was done on a Volvo car which uses the same ATE Booster as Mercedes models from around 2000-2012. It can be done with the seal from URO (see...
  2. B

    Hissing sound on right side of dash w126

    Hi all, My recently recommissioned w126 560SEC, which had been off the road for 7 years has, after 200 miles, got a strange hissing sound coming from the right hand side area near the dash speaker when i am cruising along that disappears reduces greatly under acceleration. I have searched...
  3. Tom211

    M113 Brake Booster Push Fit

    Morning all, I require some assistance with a part for my W210 E55. I’ve removed the upper section of the intake manifold to have it painted, on removal, I had to grolly out the brake booster vacuum line connector, as there was a (v.stubborn) metal retaining washer in there. I checked EPC...
  4. A

    Mercedes W203 C220 CDI - Vacuum/Servo pipe- Limp mode

    Hi Guys, I'm having issues with my car Mercedes Benz w203 C22O CDI. It loses power as soon as the gear shifts up to 3rd,It feels like the turbo doesn't kick anymore and sometimes i have issues with the brakes as well. When I opened the bonnet there were two lose pipes. I successfully put black...
  5. D

    Vacuum door lock leak

    Happy Friday everyone! There is a leak somewhere in the door lock vacuum system of my 2001 CLK Coupe. I suspect it's inside the drivers door as the is a hissing sound there every time I lock and unlock the car, plus the driver door lock no longer locks unless I push the lock down physically...
  6. G

    1997 SLK 230 PSE Query

    Hi, I've just bought a 1997 SLK 230 last weekend and I have to say I'm over the moon with it! I've had a few Mercedes in the past, 1984 500SE, 1991 300SE, 1984 230E etc but this is my first convertible and I'm genuinely really astounded by the build quality compared to my 1996 Alfa Romeo GTV...
  7. A

    PSE Vacuum Pump Half working

    Hi, i have W210 1997 E230 Avangarde, after a hard work, i succeeded to rebuilt the motor of PSE pump, and on testing, doors opened in a good way and i heard the motor working, but when click the key to close nothing happened and i can't hear anything from the motor. so from where should i start ??
  8. D

    [Spares] PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 eBay

    PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 eBay Here is a central locking pump, PSE, for R230 type SL From a member here an offer of £325 with your old unit in exchange will be OK...
  9. U

    hard shift transmission

    i have a mercedes w116 with a converted 300td(om603) from a w124 -92 with a transmission with a number of 722.320.. And it shifts very hard (even when it's warm). I think it's maybe don't get any vacuum to the transmission and thats why it shifts so hard? or maybe am i wrong, so it get to...
  10. S

    Effect of vacuum leaks on throttle response

    Any thoughts before I spend money at a MB Dealer? I have recently acquired a W203 2001 C220 CDi Estate Auto which I am surprisingly passionate about. And this unexpected passio has led to me blowing 3 times the budget I had set aside to bring this 173k-er back to scratch. From Cleaned out...
  11. D

    [Spares] SL vacuum pump central locking R230 PSE

    Here is a PSE central locking pump for SL 350 500 55 R230 For sale to best offer
  12. renrutp76

    W203 C270cdi noise after turning off ignition

    for a couple of months, my C270CDI made a loud noise after turning off the ignition. The noise is difficult to describe, the only thing I can say is that it lasted for a couple of seconds, and got gradually quieter. Now the noise is barely noticeable, but I have traced it to a small filter at...
  13. D

    [Spares] SL vacuum pump central locking R230 PSE

    I have a new central locking vacuum pump (SL , R230) for auction on ebay.|Model%3ASL&hash=item460c97c206
  14. D

    [Wanted] PSE central locking R230 pump working or not

    I need a part from the central locking pump for SL350 / SL500. I would like to buy the pcb (printed circuit board) for a R230. I only need the pcb but I will happily buy a unit with a faulty or missing motor. Any condition considered.
  15. H

    Need information about this pipeline

    Hi, Does anyone could tell me what this vacuum line purpose? Where does it connected to? It's taken from 2001 E240 Avantgarde. When I bought the car, the pipelines were disconnected. I don't know what is the consequences if the pipeline was disconnected. However, I'm sure...
  16. S

    w209 cdi 220 where does the egr vac pipe go to?

    hi just wondering if anyone can tell me where the vac pipe off the egr valve switch/actuator goes its conected at the egr end but it is hanging loose at the other i dont know if someone has done this on purpose or dislodged it i just dont know where it goes please help?also car hesitates...
  17. D

    Central locking

    Hi guys, I have a 1997 c200 w202. The locks dont work from the remote but the drivers door opens from the pull out key blade all the locks work fine except the boot lock from the button inside is this the key? As the led doesnt light up. Now the boot lock does work from the key blade but not...
  18. M

    Vito 110cdi Turbo Vacuum

    Hi, Since having my vito the thing has never worked properly, never revs above 2500 rpm. Someone said look at the turbo which I did and found that when you start up the vacuum dosnt move. Followed the pipe to a small filter under the windscreen... and thats it, there is nothing after this...
  19. G

    vacuum unit identification wanted

    Can somebody please help identify the component in the picture, the car is a 1980 350 sl 116 engine. The unit has three hose connections, a small bore hose to the top of the inlet manifold a connection to the fuel distributor and a hose to the right hand rear of the engine, if I disconnect the...
  20. C

    Effects of vacuum on SL320

    Just a question out of curiosity really. My SL320 headlights have always pointed at the tarmac about 10 yards on front of the car! I've just sort of managed with it up til now. But I had a moan about it to an evangelistic Merc enthusiast over the weekend, and he dived in, and mentioned the...

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