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    Vaneo economy

    Hi All This 1.7CDI Vaneo seems rubbish on the economy. I'm getting 35-40 on a 50 mile drive at a constant 70. In fact it's ranks with some of the worst petrol cars that I've owned. I'm taking it back to the garage tomorrow to have things looked at (handbrake is useless on anything other than a...
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    Vaneo alarm fault

    Hi there - this my first posting. I have a 2005 Vaneo converted to carry a wheelchair (dropped floor, ramp etc). I have an intermittent fault with the audible alarm. It is not clear what causes the alarm to go off and there is no visible indication on the dashboard. I've tried various...
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    Vaneo Electrics

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here! I have a 2002 Vaneo Ambiente Semi auto and think a fuse has blown as the intermittant wiper function no longer works but the two constant speeds do! Also the screen washer does not work or the rear demister! The only fuse diagram i have is in...

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