1. PaulG

    The Interesting Videos Thread

    I thought I would create a thread for us to post videos that can be continuously added to. While I think the majority of videos will be Mercedes related I'm sure that there will be others posted too. So here is the first...
  2. G

    2020 MB Rear Entertainment

    When I read the website I thought, wow, this system sounds great but I have spent hours trying to do anything remotely useful on it. I’ve been to 2 showrooms but no one there knows how to use it either. The online guide doesn’t cover anything either. At the moment the sticky out screens just...
  3. T

    Playing videos via USB, what am I doing wrong

    Hey, can anyone help me? I use to have a C300 2016 where I plugged in an external hard drive into the USB in the centre arm rest storage area. The hard drive was loaded with movies. I could play any movie on the hard dive (when the car was not moving) on the comand screen via media external...
  4. M

    Greetings from Romania

    I own a beautiful beast: C klasse, w204, C250CDI from 2009. It has 204HP, and a torque of 500 Nm. It is a great car!
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