1. S

    6 digit VIN

    Hi all, My vehicle only has 6 digits for the VIN, so all of the 17 digit information isn't relevant to me. Is there a way of searching for that short VIN, which seems to be just the serial number by the look of it. Thanks.
  2. Deepak

    New Member, going to be GLC owner soon & got a question on VIN

    Hiya all, Am going to pick up my Merc GLC 350e in 2-3 weeks and got my VIN 2 days ago form my dealer. now I would like to decode it and get the details. How can I do that, all leads are appreciated. Thanks. Cheers, Deepak
  3. S

    Option codes from VIN

    Hi I am looking at this CLS and would like toi know the option codes does anyone know of a site where I can get this info or is anyone able to help? Simon
  4. H

    VIN Help requested....

    Guys, I'm shirt finals to buying my first Merc - a beautiful 2007 E Class AV Estate 320CDI... The VIN is WDB2112222B244800 Can anyone help me find the spec/data card for this car??? Thanks guys - as always your help is really appreciated! Thanks Tom

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