1. S

    6 digit VIN

    Hi all, My vehicle only has 6 digits for the VIN, so all of the 17 digit information isn't relevant to me. Is there a way of searching for that short VIN, which seems to be just the serial number by the look of it. Thanks.
  2. A

    MB Data cards recreated. All models from 1950s - 2000s

    I am recreating new Data cards to replicate exactly originals look of those supplied when our cars were new. Over the past 50+ years many of these cards have been misplaced or lost. This was the fate of the cards for my car. Contacting MB for a replacement, I received a poor photocopy of the...
  3. Deepak

    New Member, going to be GLC owner soon & got a question on VIN

    Hiya all, Am going to pick up my Merc GLC 350e in 2-3 weeks and got my VIN 2 days ago form my dealer. now I would like to decode it and get the details. How can I do that, all leads are appreciated. Thanks. Cheers, Deepak
  4. S

    Option codes from VIN

    Hi I am looking at this CLS and would like toi know the option codes does anyone know of a site where I can get this info or is anyone able to help? Simon
  5. H

    VIN Help requested....

    Guys, I'm shirt finals to buying my first Merc - a beautiful 2007 E Class AV Estate 320CDI... The VIN is WDB2112222B244800 Can anyone help me find the spec/data card for this car??? Thanks guys - as always your help is really appreciated! Thanks Tom

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