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    Viseeo MB4

    Hello, The MB4 unit under the arm rest is defective, I wanted to use the power out (mini OTG cable from MB4) to charge a phone, rather than having the cigarette lighter open with a USB adaptor. However, the connection has failed and is unrepairable. My question is - is there a UHI to USB...
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    Poor telephone sound quality on Viseeo MBU-3000

    Dear all, I have finally got the CL up and running as of a week ago. The Visseeo is plugged into the cradle, my iPhone connects up no problem, phonebook syncs flawlessly. The problem I have however is that, at the other end, I sound like I'm making the call next to a jet turbine engine at...
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    Help – I think a Visseo MB3 broke my car

    Hello I would be grateful if someone could suggest possible causes for UHI Power issue. My UK spec 2005 W203 C220 CDI Estate was factory fitted with the UHI Telephone prewiring option, an Audio 20 radio and a Nokia 6230i cradle adapter in the armrest. Recently I unwittingly connected a...
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    [Wanted] ViseeO MBU2 Mercedes Bluetooth Adaptor

    Wanted, ViseeO MBU2 Mercedes Bluetooth Adaptor for UHI/MHI Connector or very similar! Looking for reasonably priced kit in perfect working order, to fit 2007 E-class with centre armrest cradle.
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    VISEEO MB-2 Contacts with + Prefix

    Hello Ive got the MB2 Viseeo. Contacts show up but any contact that has the phone number with + prefix eg. +4479 dont show up but others do. Any ideas? Much Appreciated. Saleem
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    VISEEO MB-2 MB2 Low Volume

    Hello I bought the Viseeo MB2 from Command Online. It seemed ok the first day but then i had to do a reset. After that the volume is really low. I can barely hear anything. Ive turend the volume in the all the way up but it still doesnt do anything. Is there any other way to bring the volume...

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