vito 110

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    Vito w368 Rust Repair Recommendations

    Need some rust repairs near subframe mounting, and other common areas. Has anyone got any recommendations for who can help? ideally in the North East, It’s a camper with a good spec so I’m keen to keep it on the road. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated
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    2021 Vito Dark Graphite Grey

    Hey guys, I have just bought a new 2021 Vito 110 in Dark Graphite Grey. This colour should be a metalic colour but looking at it it looks more like flat grey. Looking online at other models in this colour they all seem much more metallic than mine. I was wondering if the paint has slightly...
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    Starting issue

    Hi all I am new to the forum and was hoping for some guidance. I have got a 2003 110 cdi vito and it has got a hot start problem. When cold it starts fine every time but the glow plug light stays on for around 60 seconds. When warm it struggles and have to turn it over for a while and...
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    VITO 638 Hot Start Issues

    Hello! Im having issues with my Vito when starting hot. I'll describe the problem first then give you a bit of background. Its a Vito 110, 1999 model, 2.2 Diesel. Its starts fine cold, but when it warms up I switch the ignition off, then when I try to turn it back on... nothing, there is...

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