vito cd111

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    Newby in Lancashire UK

    I have just bought a 2016 Vito 111 CDi and will have some questions which I will post in the appropriate areas of the forum after reading the FAQs. I love the way the Vito drives, it's so straightforward and rather like a large car. Had a Transit 350 lwb high roof which was a lot more unwieldy...
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    Vito W639- Squeaky bounce when decelerating (in gear)

    My MB Vito W639 Bus (2006) 111 CDI has developed a nasty squeak/bouncy chirping noise when I slow down in gear (below 25mph). (See video) Sounds like bouncy bed springs. First noticed it when slowing down for a speed bump. Took it to a (trusted) garage and the mechanic cleaned up and greased...
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    P0031 bank 1 sensor 1

    Hi, I'm after a little advice if possible. I have fault code P0031, bank 1 sensor 1 showing up on my vito 111 2.1l. The problem I have is I don't know the location. Is the one in the picture? 20180603_180452 by Andrew_1234567 posted Jun 3, 2018 at 6:18 PM
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    vito remapping

    Does remapping a vito makes any difference to engine's health. I have vito 111 cdi 109 bhp confused whether to go for it or not If it was good why did mercedes not do it in first place. Must be something wrong. Not sure Need advice please..
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    Eibach Lowering spring for Vito W639

    [WANTED] Hi everyone, I'm looking for a rear Eibach 30mm lowering spring to fit a 2009 Vito 111. I've looked all over and can only find the sets of 4 but as they aren't that old i only want to replace the 1.
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    Vito ignition spare parts kit !

    Hi . My name is lee newman from dublin / Ireland . I'm a HGV mechanic on heavy trucks. My own breakdown van is a 2004 vito CD111. The ignition was faulty and not starting & key got damaged trying to replace battery , anyway !! I went to local scrap yard and bought an ignition kit which...

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