vito van hot help

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    vito 2010 109cdi

    HI ALL I have a problem with my Vito up till this morning every thing was fine then battery light came on an soon had flat battery replace alternator thinking that was problem wrong! trace wire on main fuse broken and repaired van now charging but battery light still on anybody have any ideas?
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    Vito Hot start problem

    Advise please Purchased Vito sport automatic 2002 for £2000 Imidiatly had starting problem when engine became hot Van went back to garage Replaced diesel pump and cam sensor, price £240 Picked up van driving home stopped twice, called AA twice, hot start problem, they got it going...
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    Vito 108cdi hot starting problems HELP!

    hi guys, ive been having trouble with my vito, it starts first go in the mornings cold but soon as it warms up its will kick over for 20- 90 seconds, sometimes not starting for 5 or 6 kicks! it was recently serviced and they didnt use genunine filters so i thought it may have been the fuel...

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