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    W114 280 CE Coupe fuel Pump relay location (1973)

    Hi all, Car won’t start. Turns over fine though. I reckon it’s a fuel problem. Had the car on a lift and attached external battery power on the fuel pump terminals to see if the pump’s OK. The pump is fine. Turn the ignition on however, and the pump doesn’t react (had a volt meter on it to...
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    W114 air vent removal

    Hi Can someone tell me how you get the 2 round - dash air vents out of the dash on a w114 I am trying to change the wood Vernier in the dash. thanks for your help.
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    1973 W114 - Guide prices

    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help me on here! I have been in love with vintage Mercedes for a long time and am considering buying my first. I've found a 1973 model that seems to be in beautiful condition (imported from SA) but I don't have enough experience to be able...
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    Hi from Belfast

    Hi guys... just bought a 1971 W114 250 in pretty bad nick. Trying to get some experience with engines and bodywork the hard way. Struggling to get sills and general parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Images to follow. Thanks for any help or info you can fire at me. -Ryan
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    W114 250 CE 1969 - Engine required

    Hi, Needed an engine for my next project. It for a 1969 250ce. The current engine is completely shot. I understand that these models were fitted with the M114 I6 engine. What other models of MBs can I potentially look at to find replacement? Any pointers would be much appreciated...
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    Engine Rebuild needed W114 250CE 1969

    Hi All, I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction. I've just purchased a 1969 250ce that I wish to completely restore it. First on the list is to get it running! It needs a bottom end rebuild and I wanted any suggestions of good and reasonable places which could carry this out. I...
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    W114 Questions/Problems

    Hi all, I just purchased a 1974 280 w114, and have a problem with it that could probably be an easy fix (hopefully). here the story goes. I just purchased a 1974 MB 280 (W114) and it is in great condition with 130,000 miles. I inspected the car, checked the oil, coolant and air filter...

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