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    Pleased to meet you. I plan to restore my 91' w129, 300sl for use this summer. I'm certain to be in touch for tips and maybe even spares! Cheers Rafa
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    Some advice and help please

    Hi all. I own a '91 plate Sl500 and have done for the last 15 years. It started as my main car but for the last 5 years has just been a summer car SORNed for the winter and covered. In this time the inevitable corrosion and moisture have taken their toll and each year it costs more and more to...
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    R129 vs W129

    Is there a major difference between the R129 and W129. If yes is this just the reference to the facelift or is there no real difference? Hope tou can clarify for me?
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    W129 Sl500 Backrest

    The backrest release handle on my SL500 has stopped functioning. I am guessing that it is cable operated. How do I get into it to see what has broken? Do I have to remove the seat from the car? there is no obvious way to get at the seat internals:confused:
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    Exhaust System for 300SL - non 24V

    The exhaust on my 1990 W129 went recently and I couldnt find ANYONE who does a replacement other than Mercedes. All the Exhaust centres turned me away. Merceded wanted £Stupid+VAT. Anyway, I found a place in Germany that has original Mercedes Parts and they could ship one to me for around...

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