1. AEZ Panama advert jpeg.jpg

    AEZ Panama advert jpeg.jpg

    AEZ Wheels Panama advert with the CLS
  2. H

    [Wanted] W219 Roof bars

    Hi I’m after some genuine CLS W219 roof bars. Cheers
  3. K

    Exploding Air Suspension - w219

    Iv had the car for a few days, and after getting some repair work. Sports mode, sport 2 suspension, ESC Off I did some “ Aggressive “ driving. After a 45 min blast, I sit in the car parked off. Boom 1, air suspension front right collapsed ( new strut ) 10 mins later Boom 2, rear...
  4. K

    W219 facelift vs w221 facelift 5.4 V8

    Hi all , I am new to the forum. First thing is first , little background. I had CLK 270cdi , which I sold due to London ULEZ. Then bought another brand which turned to be not reliable . Now I am at a point where I am about to go back to beloved MB . Within my budget I am split between buying...
  5. S

    CLS quandary Facelift 350cdi grand edition or 2005 500amg

    I'm looking at getting a w219 CLS. I've got 2 in mind at the moment. A 350cdi grand edition or a 2005 500AMG. Both are similar mileage but the 500 has air suspension and a V8 and is £2500 cheaper than the 350 which is obviously newer and the facelift model. Is the 350 worth an extra £2500 or...
  6. Terrykal

    Vehicle 2006 CLS 500 Bi-Fuel

    I am in thoughts of selling my 2006 CLS 500 due to a recent house purchase and with all the expenses in renovation. few details for this lovely car: bulletproof M113 V8 registered in January 2006 so it has cheaper tax £320 (and not £580 from mid 2006 onwards). tellurium silver which is a...
  7. M113K

    Looking into purchasing a Mercedes.

    Hi all, New to the forum and Mercedes. After years of owning large Vauxhall’s such as Carlton GSi, Senator 3.0 24v and lately Omega’s and I still have two 3.2 V6 Elite models. I feel like a change. I’ve been looking into various brands and vehicles.. Such as Jaguar S Type R, XF SV8...
  8. zedmeister

    W219 CLS cutting power under load

    Hi Star says there is nothing wrong with the car but its un-drivable! With the Brabus D6 connected it "pinks" at half throttle or more under load, with the kit removed it only does it when cold and flooring it. It judders and won't accelerate but the engine management light does not go on...
  9. zedmeister

    Picking up a CLS 320CDI Brabus tomorrow - any advice?

    Hi, I'm buying a CLS 320CDI with the Brabus chip fitted. Its 2007 with 75k miles - any advice on what to look for? Thanks.

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