1. C

    Vito w368 Rust Repair Recommendations

    Need some rust repairs near subframe mounting, and other common areas. Has anyone got any recommendations for who can help? ideally in the North East, It’s a camper with a good spec so I’m keen to keep it on the road. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated
  2. Smaltze

    Vito w638 gear linkage restoration

    Hi chaps, I have a new reverse gear bracket kit and all that. The shifting is all fine and no problems selecting. However it's very grindy and notchy. I've modded the gear knob and the base of the shifter stick and it's all solid, no play atall now. It's just when changing through gear that...
  3. K

    V280 no fuel

    Hi, I am the "happy" owner of a mercedes V280 with the VW VR6 engine. In the last two years the car had a randomly failure, you were driving the car and suddenly the dashlights came on one by on, first the air suspencion and the the others and finally after two or three kilometers the...

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